Julie has helped many young people, teenagers and families over the years. 

Here is some feedback from just a few of them... 
“Hi Julie, 
Thank you so much again for your help these past few months. The safe space and communication tools you have shared with us, have really been transformational for our relationship. 
See you next year!" 
'‘I feel I am putting into practice so much of what we’ve talked about and have an array of tools in my armoury to use. 
I appreciate so very much all you have given me and for listening and all your sensitive and kind suggestions. It has all helped me so much. I will miss talking to you." 
“I would like to say thank you again. You gave me the confidence to be able to just go out and live my life, and that is definitely what I am doing. 
You gave me the tools I needed to be able to deal with loss and so now I'm doing quite well. 
You have given me so much, thank you. I will certainly never forget you and what you have done for me." 
Parent: "Although my 16 year old son was nervous about starting counselling, especially as it was online, he connected with Julie easily through her relaxed and supportive manner. It was a huge relief knowing that he was talking to someone about how he was feeling and that he felt comfortable in this process." 
Teenager: "The counselling has been very helpful and given me some practical things I can do to help control my anxiety." 
“You made my daughter feel at ease and provided her with practical tools to help manage her anxiety and build her self esteem. Thank you again.” 
'‘Julie was professional, calm and made me feel at ease. She listened and provided me with coping strategies that have made a huge difference to my life. Thank you for all your help.’' 
“I just wanted to say a big thank you, your sessions have really helped our son, you have given him the opportunity, in a non-judgemental environment, to speak about how he feels and you have helped him understand his feelings and then how he deals with these feelings.  
Your experience and knowledge with teens on the autistic spectrum has helped you to connect with him quickly and this enables him to get a lot out of the sessions with you. 
It is a real comfort for us as parents to have you there for our son and for him to have someone he can talk to that is not family which we think has really helped. After only a handful of sessions he is feeling a lot more in control of his emotions and feels more settled. Thank you!” 
"I wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave me. 
I’m really getting on much better... less arguments… and not been in trouble at school for months! 
Me and my family benefited from your help and it’s nice to be getting along better." 
“We have noticed our child has stopped from pushing the boundaries too far. Thank you so much for your advice and guidance thus far, it has been life changing." 
Parent & Family 
"It was the best counselling I've done, and I'm happy to come again to see you." 
“We are putting our focus on some of the material that you have sent through and getting into a routine of regular catch ups. 
We would both like to thank you for your time, support and insight during the online sessions." 
"Many thanks for sending those resources through. I have been using them and they've been really useful. 
I'm really grateful for your help so far and am starting to see changes day-to-day, so thank you!" 
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