Counselling Can Help Parents and Carers 

Parents of children - irrespective of whether or not they have disabilities - often struggle to cope with the challenges that life can throw at them, to sustain and grow their relationship with their spouse or partner, and to take good care of themselves. 

Counselling can help you: 

Learn That You Have Power. There are some things you cannot control, but there are many things you can. It helps to be reminded of the things you do have the ability to affect. 
Balance Caretaking. You must learn to respect each other's style of caretaking and to communicate and negotiate caretaking roles, so that instead of simply reacting to situations, you can proactively address challenging problems. 
Respect Emotional Difference. Different people process emotions differently. One person may grieve openly. Another may feel so overwhelmed that they find some activity to distract themselves. These differences are part of being human and each is valid for that person. 
Process Feelings. In order to be there for your children, your relationship and yourself, you must manage your feelings in your own way. Sometimes this means you must learn to grieve the loss of the life you thought you were going to have. 
Take Care of Yourself. To be there fully for your children, whether or not they have special needs, and your significant other, you must learn to take care of yourself, both emotionally and physically. 
Build a Healthy Relationship. You must also learn to take care of your relationship. If you thrive and your relationship thrives, your child with special needs will thrive to the best of his or her potential, and the whole family will thrive. 

Benefits of Counselling 

Counselling has the potential to improve your life, relationship and family in these ways: 
Relationships grow stronger 
You function better, both emotionally and physically 
Better care for children with special needs 
Better family life for you, your partner, and all your children 

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