Help and support for all aspects of family life, and more... 

Based in Cheltenham, Julie Wales offers a specialist and unique counselling service for all aspects of family, and in particular special needs families. 
She has a long history of helping clients with a variety of issues, from child disability, stress, low self-esteem, family conflict, caring roles, relationship issues and more. 

Short or long-term counselling available 

Whether you are a parent, carer, teenager, couple or simply an individual who is struggling, Julie can help. 
Call now for a no-obligation, confidential consultation. 

Special Needs Counselling Service 

Julie has personal experience of dealing with special needs and carer issues, so if living with the effects of ill health or disability has left you feeling isolated, alone or unheard, you will be able to find the support and understanding you need here. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how Julie may be able to help you. 
Asking for help is hard if you feel low, depressed or anxious. You want someone to listen to you, but find it all a bit daunting. 
We are all human and need support now and again. Julie Wales has a passion for people... and it shows. Julie's aim is to help you find a positive outcome, no matter what the problem is. 
Contact Julie NOW to find out how she can help you. 

Parent Support Workshop - starting Thursday 20th April 

Are you a Parent caring for your child with special needs, neurodiversity or physical disability? 
Join Julie Wales for a virtual parent support group! 
The group is facilitated by Julie Wales and this is a safe space for parents to get together, receive information and tips on various topics, share experiences and ideas and a chance to build positive relationships and offer peer support. 

For more information on the various counselling services offered by Julie, please click below...  

Counselling for Parents, Partners & Carers 
Counselling for Teenagers & Siblings 
Special Needs Counselling 
Couples Counselling 
Working Online 
Zoom Counselling Sessions 
WhatsApp Video Calls 
Telephone Counselling 
Face-to-Face Counselling 
Counselling appointments are held at Essential Space in Cheltenham, and also at the Cheltenham Mediation Centre
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