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Julie Wales offers a specialist and unique counselling service for all aspects of family, and in particular special needs families. She has a long history of helping clients with a variety of issues, from child disability, stress, low self-esteem, family conflict, caring roles, relationship issues and more. 

Short or long-term counselling available 

Whether you are a parent, carer, teenager, couple or simply an individual who is struggling, Julie can help. 
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Julie has personal experience of dealing with special needs and carer issues, so if living with the effects of ill health or disability has left you feeling isolated, alone or unheard, you will be able to find the support and understanding you need here. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how Julie may be able to help you. 
Asking for help is hard if you feel low, depressed or anxious. You want someone to listen to you, but find it all a bit daunting. 
We are all human and need support now and again. Julie Wales has a passion for people... and it shows. Julie's aim is to help you find a positive outcome, no matter what the problem is. 
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How can I help my child with anxiety? 
All children and young people get anxious at times, and this is a normal part of their development as they grow up and develop their ‘survival skills’, so they can face challenges in the wider world. We all have different levels of stress we can cope with - some people are just naturally more anxious than others and are quicker to get stressed or worried. There are many ways you can help your child to manage their anxiety. 
If you feel your child’s anxiety is not getting any better or is getting worse, and your efforts have not worked, contact your GP to get professional support. 
Here are some more tips that can really make a difference: 
6. Give them a cuddle or hold their hand if they will let you - touch can be soothing. Hold a cuddly toy or fidget toy. 
7. It can help to talk to your child about finding a safe place in their mind - somewhere that they feel relaxed and happy. It may be a grandparent’s or friend's house or a holiday beside the sea which they can picture when ‘wrong thoughts’ come into their head or they are feeling anxious. Sometimes holding a memento, like a seashell or pebble, can help. 
8. If your child is feeling the need to check things or repeat certain actions, suggest they count up to 10 before they start checking as a delaying tactic. The website Hands on Scotland has some good relaxation ideas. 
If you would like help to support your child's or teenagers anxiety then please get in touch for some ideas for helping you at home, school or family life. Ring or contact for help via my contact details below. I will be posting some more tips next week.... 
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