By Julie Wales, Family & Special Needs Counsellor 
In recent times, many people are turning to the Internet for professional counselling, and are finding it an ideal way to discuss life’s challenges, personal concerns or emotional and relationship issues. 
The benefits of this are far reaching... 
It improves access to care for people who live in remote areas or who, due to illness or mobility problems, cannot leave home. 
Suitable for those who suffer from social anxiety or struggle to leave their house. 
There is no chance of bumping into people you know and feeling uncomfortable. Especially if you are seeing a Counsellor online and out of your area. 
It is perfect for busy Parents or Carers who need support but are time limited. 
You save time and money on travel and parking. 
Can be so convenient from the comfort of your own home. 
As effective and personal as face-to-face meetings, as research suggests. 
For some people, especially those on the Autistic spectrum, it can feel less pressure than meeting face-to-face in a room. No worries about having to make eye contact or be affected by sensory issues in the room, such as noises or lighting, etc. 
Convenient and confidential for Teenagers when they are not being asked “where have you been", when out of the school environment. 
Proven to suit Children and Teenagers as they are extremely comfortable with using the technology. 
Online counselling has helped couples and families to be more effective in planning their coping strategies and wellbeing by writing their intentions down. They are more likely to commit to their plan when it is written down and shared with someone else. They can start working on strategies straight away. 
Still allows for creativity in use of different counselling techniques to suit the artistic and visual learner. For example, the use of drawing, colourful emotions cards, family role activities using pebbles or drawing timelines, use of personal fairy tales and social stories can all still be done over Zoom. 
Use of the Zoom whiteboard and screen-sharing information to help the client. 
Can prove far more flexible and convenient when organising sessions to fit around work and family. 
Seeing a private Counsellor online is far quicker if you need help now, rather than going on an NHS waiting list and having a telephone call. 
It is far more convenient if you have small children in the house, especially for couples who can help each other with childcare whilst still having their online sessions. 
Zoom video allows ‘face-to-face’ communication just like being in a room together. This can provide a deeper understanding when we can see body language, other visual cues and emotions. 
May lead to an increased level of honesty and more comfort in self disclosure through a medium of working that can be disinhibiting. 
It is reliable, easy to use and enables you to have instant answers to your most urgent questions. 
Confidentiality and Privacy is assured on Zoom calls, as each person’s session has their own meeting ID and password and the meeting has an enabled virtual ‘waiting room’. The meeting is locked on entry. The meeting can be deleted afterwards by the Counsellor. 
If you would like to discuss online counselling and support for you or your family, please contact Julie on 07412 651 894 or email I look forward to helping you! 
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