By Julie Wales, Special Needs Counsellor 

Is your life too stressful? Some strategies to try immediately to reduce your stress. 

10 things you can try that are good for reducing stress & anxiety: 

Practicing Meditation 
Yoga or gentle stretching 
Exercise – short walks or running outside. 
Cooking & Eating healthy meals and eating regularly. 
Water – drink lots of water to keep your body fuelled. 
Socialising with your right ‘tribe.’ Have you got a supportive group of friends and family around you to talk to? 
Counselling is the ultimate self-care, enabling you to transform your relationships with yourself and others. 
Being creative – colouring books or drawing manually or digitally. Use of photo journals using your mobile or a camera. 
Look at your triggers for stress and think about what easy action steps you can do to change things. 
Anxiety needs a plan! 
If you and your family need some help to manage stress then please do get in touch with Julie Wales, either by calling 07412651894 or email via the website. 
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